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The DeIcer.

  • Problem Statement:  In certain regions, ice storms cause ice buildup on overhead lines resulting in Line Failure, Tower Collapse, Property Loss...


  • PTS’ Solution:  A device which upon certain conditions, meteorological and/or mechanical, will activate and impose mechanical vibrations on the conductor to prevent/mitigate ice from forming on the line. 


Click here to see a video simulation of the device in action


  • Application:

    • Bundled conductors with spacers.
    • Concepts for single conductors also developed.


  • Criteria (general):

    • Generate enough accelerations to prevent ice-buildup.
    • Automatic but w/o electronic control system.
    • Reliable, rugged, relative low cost, easy to install.
    • Enough energy storage to last through storm.
    • No available electrical energy during storm.


  • Design Characteristics:

    • Fit in the same space as spacers.  Insert between and/or replaces every other spacer at strategic locations.
    • Installation uses live-line procedures.
    • Contains energy gathering, energy storage (passive mechanical), triggering, and force-displacement delivery systems.
    • Energy gathering: mechanical (vibration, wind, ..), electrical, ...
    • Activation/Trigger at specific (TBD) boundary conditions.  Trigger can be SMA, springs, balance, etc.
    • Delivery at a set interval until the conditions are removed.
    • Optimize resources (energy input) Vs. requirements  (accel.).
    • Virtually maintenance free.


  • Development Stages

DeIcer device is a patented and laboratory tested device to mitigate ice buildup on overhead lines during ice storms.  PTS is seeking funding and partners to test the device on actual lines to demonstrate its feasibility prior to its commercialization.




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