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Welcome To Power Transmission Solutions.

About PTS:

Power Transmission Solutions, Inc.

(PTS) is a technology company providing Products and Services to electric transmission industry.


PTS’ mission is to:

Identify high-pain problems in the electric transmission industry, create high-return and IP-protected solutions/products, & market and sell to the industry worldwide.

PTS’ management and engineering team consists of individuals with key experience in the electric utility, business and technology areas.  Please visit “About Us” page to learn more about our team at PTS.

To view latest news and announcements about PTS, please click here.

PTS’ first product is the Sagging Line Mitigator (SLiM) device which was developed and demonstrated by Material Integrity Solutions under funding from CEC and EPRI and has gone through utility acceptance phase via actual installations.  This device is now commercially available for order.

In addition to the SLiM device, PTS is also developing technologies for ice mitigation and low-cost monitoring of transmission lines.  You can learn more about these devices under “Products” page.


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